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Cuderm - Alcohol Free Hand Cream by Synergy Biologics

with colloidal oatmeal

Daily hand cream

Available in 75ml

CUDERM® HAND CREAM is a non-greasy, easily absorbed nourishing cream, that provides intense hydration and a protective barrier for hard working hands.


CUDERM® HAND CREAM  provides lasting hydration that softens dry, rough or itchy skin and relieves hands that may be exposed to everyday irritants. 


Oat proteins in CUDERM® HAND CREAM establish a natural barrier to support, regulate skin pH, protect and promote healthy skin.



Lasting Hydration


Fragrance and Paraben Free


Suitable for Vegans


Not Tested on Animals

Colloidal oatmeal is a natural extract from oats and is clinically proven to help
soothe and protect dry and sensitive skin.


Cuderm® is different

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